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Our professional staff has been trained to utilize a variety of evidence-based, family-friendly and experiential approaches that lead clients to a life of long-term recovery.  Spark offers a continuum of substance abuse services to Hampton Roads clients.

Intensive Outpatient Program - Adult

The adult IOP meets 4x/week for 3 hours per session during daytime and evening hours. IOP facilitators use a variety of evidence-based models to promote recovery and the service includes individual sessions to address trauma and co-occurring mental health challenges.

Taheima 3.1 ASAM

Taheima Place is a residential program designed to achieve abstinence by improving problem-solving
skills and coping strategies.  All residents participate in individual and group therapy and are connected to
community resources that support recovery such as stable housing, support groups and financial resources.    

After Care and Relapse Services

Clients who participate in any Spark Substance Abuse Treatment Program work with their counselor to develop a Relapse Prevention Plan.  Clients learn to recognize triggers as well as the stages of relapse.
In cases of relapse, Spark will reengage with the client to address the situation and develop a new plan to connect the client to the optimal service.

Intensive Outpatient Program - Adolescent

CS addresses substance abuse disorders as well as co-occurring mental health disorders for adolescents struggling with substance abuse.  Family involvement is a cornerstone of the treatment process. Youth participate in the CS Intensive Outpatient Program  3 times a week for 2 hours.

Substance Abuse Assessments

A Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess the level of substance use. The evaluation will include the preparation of a written report with observations, conclusions, treatment recommendations.  The evaluation includes mental health challenges.

Individual and Family Services

Outpatient therapy is available to individuals and families to support client recovery. Therapy includes
trauma-informed sessions as well as solution-focused therapy.  Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) is available to families in need of a more intensive intervention.  Outpatient may follow participation in our residential or IOP Program.

What Our Clients Say

"At Taheima there is a collective mind and heart-set that I have never experienced.  I have learned that there is a community that is full of good people willing to help in a myriad of ways.  I've learned about stress management, breathing exercises, anger management and about triggers both to anger and relapse.  I've learned so much about my mental health issues and I've learned abouth healthy coping strategies."
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