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Five years. Half a decade. Now that’s what we call a partnership.

Actually, that’s what we call friendship.

As anyone navigating recovery, family struggles, and, well…life can tell you, it takes a village. Serving our Hampton Roads community is an all hands on deck; better together, show up and show out effort of many individuals, families, organizations, and companies willing to step up and make a difference in our region. Here at Spark, we’re committed to building that village for our clients - filling the gaps, meeting the needs, and showing the support that sends a clear message to those who need to hear it most. That's why as the only licensed Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) provider on the Southside, we're prioritizing families.

We see you. We believe in you. We love you. We are in this together.

Cinema Cafe is one of those partners we can always count on to answer the call to serve. They've been stepping up for the past five years to ensure local kids and families in need can celebrate the holiday season. This can be a tough time of year for so many. The simple things - like Christmas gifts - cultivate hope, joy, and positive family memories that help those in recovery stay the course.

Every year, Spark sends wish list requests to the Departments of Human and Social Services, Community Services Boards, Departments of Juvenile Justice, local shelters like the H.E.R. Shelter, and more. With those lists in hand, Spark decorates Christmas trees with stockings containing a child’s wish list items and delivers them to Cinema Cafe locations in Hampton Roads and Richmond. From there, local movie patrons can grab a stocking (or two or ten) and shop to make a child’s special wish for Christmas come true! Spark will pick up all donations and have gifts available for each child just in time for Christmas morning.

If you’re a family in need, you may fill out and submit this WISH LIST FORM or contact Kim Johnson at for more information. You may also use this form or contact Kim directly for immediate assistance if you serve at social services, local shelters, counseling centers, and other organizations serving high-need children. If you’re a parent who submitted a form, we will contact you about distribution day via the email or phone number you provide on the form. Be sure to check your email the week of December 12 for distribution details.

Guess what? You’re invited to join our village!

Who: YOU!

What: Shop for a child’s wish list items to be sure they celebrate a very merry holiday!

When: RIGHT NOW. Shop now and deliver your gifts back to Cinema Cafe December 7-9.

Where: Cinema Cafe locations in Chester, Greenbrier, Kemps River, Pembroke, Edinburgh, and Hampton are all hosting Spark Christmas trees this year. Stop by anytime, or grab a stocking on your way out of your latest movie screening. Make it a family affair, gather up your closest friends, or challenge your co-workers to spread holiday cheer by providing for as many children as possible!

Why: Because every child and family deserves to feel seen, loved, and celebrated this Christmas.

How: Spark will collect all gifts and distribute them to all referral sources December 21, 2022. Your gift donations to children in need will help bring a smile to their faces, warmth to their spirits, and relief to their parents or guardians.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we achieve more. We see your Spark!

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