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Spark Manifesto

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Here at Spark, we believe that:

Every day is a new beginning.

You have 365 fresh starts. Whether that means focusing anew on your recovery, wiping the slate clean in a relationship, or evicting the lies in your own mind, we stand with you as you embrace each and every opportunity to start again. It’s never too late.

There are no forever failures.

You may feel as if the world has written you off. We haven’t. There are only bad decisions and unfortunate events. There are no bad people. You are not “someone with issues.” You can be self-sufficient. You can be independent. You can stand on your own two feet. You can be healthy from the inside out. Everyone deserves a second chance. We believe in you.

You are more than your illness.

You are not just your addiction. You deserve to see yourself as so much more than that. We do. We look at you through a lens of hope, believing you are one decision away from your next win. We don’t count you out. You are resilient. We believe in your ability to do the work and become the person you hope to be.

Cookie cutters are for the kitchen.

We see you. A unique individual with unique needs. Our programs and resources are solidly grounded in best practices while also diverse and flexible enough to apply custom 360-degree approaches to your whole health. We will open doors to further your recovery, removing obstacles and breaking down barriers preventing your access to help and hope. No cookie-cutter solutions here. We’re all about what you need.

Little wins are big wins.

Whether you’re celebrating getting out of bed this morning or marking a major milestone in your recovery, every win deserves notice. We will acknowledge every good decision, every game-changing moment, and every tiny detail that takes you one step further on the path to wholeness. You are hardwired to win.

You are not alone.

Recovery is inherent in the human condition. Addiction, trauma, mental health, loss, illness, devastation, unexpected change...the list goes on. Young and old - everything and everyone in between - we are all recovering from something. We are better together and will walk alongside you every step of the way. No man is an island. Connecting to diverse systems and invaluable resources provides a better chance at success and helps you keep going. For questions about your recovery or to get started on your recovery journey, email us at

We are Spark. You are Spark. Together, we will win.

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