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Department: Counseling and Addiction Recovery Services
Title of Direct Supervisor: Intensive Outpatient Services Assistant Clinical Director or (if
position not filled) Intensive Outpatient Services Clinical Director
Function: The Clinician in the Intensive Outpatient Services program is a licensed professional
that is able to act independently under the direction of the Clinical Director or Assistance
Clinical Director to advance an individual through treatment.


  • At the direction of the direct supervisor, complete initial assessments, comprehensive assessments, and individualized service plan documentations for individuals in treatment according to specified timelines.

  • Implements ISPs by rendering therapy in group, individual, and family formats.

  • Within 24 hours of service delivery, submits completed progress notes for each individual that attended a session.

  • Keeps the Clinical Director informed of all clinically-relevant data acquired while providing services to individuals.

  • Coordinates with community referral resources in the development of specific treatment programs, including community-based resources directed at addressing vocational or educational needs.

  • Determines facts and conditions surrounding the difficulties in coping with various life situations and draws conclusions as to the underlying causes/contributing factors of the problems and the associated consequences to individual clients and their families. As appropriate, obtains additional social and personal information from significant others in the client's life to ascertain the full scope and impact of the problems presented.

  • Assists individuals in overcoming practical obstacles to community reintegration and compliance with ISP goals, such as providing assistance in securing identification cards or driver’s licenses, or providing education in community transportation resources (e.g. public transportation or insurance-provided transportation benefits).

  • Actively engage in all company training and orientation activities and demonstrate a working knowledge of Community Solutions Program Policies and Procedures.

  • May provide direction to Program Counselors to organize the manner in which they support program activities.


  • The Clinician must have at least 2 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of
    individuals with mental health disorders, including substance use disorder.'

  • The Clinician must be licensed as one of the following:
    i) licensed clinical psychologist;
    ii) licensed clinical social worker or supervisee under supervision
    iii) licensed professional counselor or resident under supervision
    iv) licensed psychiatric clinical nurse specialist;
    v) licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner;
    vi) licensed marriage and family therapist;
    vii) licensed substance abuse treatment practitioner; 

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